What Are Virtual Debit Cards?

Virtual debit cards are expense cards created by an employer and issued to its employees to allow authorized purchases. They are similar to physical debit cards but have the added ability to be issued easily and quickly to remote employees. The employer is able to set budget constraints, decide on allowable purchases and create time limits on the card’s use. The employer is also able to add funds to the card, create a new card or cancel a card instantaneously.

What Are The Pros of Virtual Debit Cards?

The biggest benefit of virtual debit cards is the ability to issue them without having to rely on the postal system, courier companies or physical proximity. The only information required by the employer is the employee’s name and email address. Once the budget is set, purchasing categories decided upon and time limit determined, the employee is able to start using it. The employer will receive receipts as purchases are made and can monitor spending 24 hours a day. Virtual debit cards are just as secure as their physical counterparts and can be cancelled immediately via a desktop or mobile interface.

Virtual Debit Cards Versus Physical Debit Cards

Virtual debit cards are invaluable to companies who employ remote workers, travelling salespeople and foreign operatives. The fact that these employees can be issued a virtual debit card immediately saves time and money when compared to a physical debit card which would need to be mailed or couriered.

Emburse Virtual Debit Cards

Emburse virtual debit cards are invaluable instruments for companies who employ remote, foreign or travelling workers. Get in touch with Emburse today to set up a demonstration on how these virtual debit cards can help your business.

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