Business prepaid cards make your life easier.  No longer will you have to worry about the security of your petty cash fund.  Fears about your drivers running out of gas money will evaporate.  And your traveling salesperson’s unexpected expenses will no longer be a concern.  Highly versatile and having many uses, business prepaid cards will take care of your expenses while allowing you to concentrate on the rest of your business.  Here’s a list of the top 10 ways business prepaid cards can be utilized by your company.

1. Gas Money

A prepaid card is perfect for you and your employees who are on the road.  No worries about the amount of cash in your pocket or remembering to save receipts for reimbursement.  Simply fill up, pay and go!

2. Hotel Rooms

Another great use for people on the move.  Your business prepaid card will ensure you or your employees have a place to sleep without having to pay out of pocket.  

3. Business Meals

One of the best ways to get a deal done is to sit down together and talk business over a meal.  You’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other better AND take care of business.

4. Employee Bonuses

Holiday time usually means that people are hoping for a seasonal bonus.  Rather than make your employees take a check to the bank, simply give them a prepaid card and let them enjoy the holiday season without having to stand in line.

5. Business Supplies

Whether a contractor needs to pick up some materials from the hardware store, the photocopier has run out of toner or you need a new desk for a recent hire, a prepaid card allows the purchases to be made without shuffling checks, receipts and reimbursement forms.

6. Subscription Costs

Prepaid cards are perfect for for software or trade magazine subscriptions, access to specialty websites, membership dues or any other recurring expenses.  Dedicating a card to repeating costs means you’ll never miss a payment.

7. Event Planning

Prepaid cards allow event managers to see how much of the budget has been used at any point during the process.  Share a single budget over multiple cards to keep track of all the expenditures in real time.

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