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Emburse - Okta SCIM Configuration

This guide explains how to integrate your Emburse and Okta accounts to enable user provisioning with the SCIM protocol. To learn more about SCIM and Okta, see this page.

Supported Features

The Emburse Okta app will allow admins to automatically create, edit, and deactivate Emburse users based on their organization's Okta member directory. In addition, the Emburse app enables Single-Sign On (SSO). For more information about SSO, see this guide.


  1. To enable integration between Emburse and Okta you must be signed in as an admin in both accounts.

Configuration Steps

  1. In your Okta admin dashboard, go to the settings page for the Emburse application. In the "Provisioning" tab, click on "API Integration", then click the "Configure API Integration" button.

  2. Check the box next to "Enable API Integration", and then click "Authenticate with Emburse".

  3. A new window will appear asking you to authorize Okta to manage users in your Emburse account. Click "Authorize Application".

  4. You should be taken back to the Okta dashboard, and you should see a message stating that "Emburse was verified successfully!". Click "Save".

  5. In the Settings sidebar, click on "To App", then in the main panel click "Edit" Check the "Enable" boxes for "Create Users", "Update User Attributes", and "Deactivate Users". Click "Save".

  6. In the "Sign On" tab, set the 'Application username format' to 'Email'. Click "Save".

  7. Your Okta account is now configured to sync your user directory to your Emburse organization.

Syncing Okta users to Emburse

  1. In the Emburse application in your Okta dashboard, click on the "Assignments" tab, and click on the "Assign" button in the upper left. If you would like to create Emburse accounts for individual users, click "Assign to People". If you would like to create emburse accounts for larger groups of users, click "Assign to Groups".

  2. Choose the users or groups you would like to create Emburse accounts for, and click "Assign". In the information dialog that appears, make sure that the "User Name" and "Primary Email" are the same value. Emburse requires members to use email addresses to log in, so it is not possible to have different values for these fields. Once you click "Save and Go Back", these users will be immediately created as members in your Emburse organization.

Troubleshooting and Tips

  1. Once an Emburse user is created it is not possible to change their username. If you sync a user from your Okta account to your Emburse account and then try to change the username for that account, you will receive an error.

  2. For other issues or questions regarding Emburse, email us directly at support@emburse.com.

See it for yourself

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