Reloadable Prepaid Cards for Business and Employee Expenses

Emburse reloadable prepaid debit cards make it easy to send money to employees for business expenses only when needed and only when approved.

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What Are Reloadable Prepaid Cards For Employees?

With reloadable prepaid debit cards for employees, businesses can easily control and manage spending. Budgets and merchant restrictions can be set on each individual card which can be activated or cancelled by just a few clicks of a button. Our reloadable prepaid cards make it simple for cardholders to request and receive funds and cards can be used anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. Financial managers have 24/7 control over purchasing with powerful monitoring and reporting tools.

Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card Features

  • Set personalized budgets and limits
  • Set time & category restrictions
  • Transfer funds instantly
  • Capture receipts automatically
  • Enable and disable cards with just one click

What Are the Benefits of Business Reloadable Prepaid Cards?

  • No need to share one corporate card
  • No need to collect personal information
  • No more overspending
  • No need for employee reimbursements
  • No receipts and paperwork

Card Assignments

Assign cards using just a name and an email address. Require receipts after every purchase.

Virtual or Physical Cards

Order physical cards or create virtual cards which can immediately be used for online purchases.

Enforce Expense Policies

Enforce granular spending restrictions on each card for specific vendors, events, or employees.

Virtual Cards

Virtual card numbers are available immediately and can be used for online or in-store purchases.

Shared Cards

Securely share a card with multiple people to enforce group budgets.

Require Receipts

Enforce expense policies by requiring receipts after every purchase or after purchases over $75.

Review Transactions in Real-time

Review transactions in real-time and filter purchases by date, category, or card.

Simplify Bookkeeping

Export expenses to QuickBooks or download bank statements in .CSV, .OFX, or .PDF format.

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