What Are Reloadable Debit Cards?

Reloadable debit cards are company controlled cards issued to its employees to allow authorized purchases. Since the employer is able to reload the cards with funds immediately, the employee is never left stranded without the ability to make a necessary purchase. The employer is able to remotely set spending limits, purchasing categories and time restrictions. The cards come with the added security of immediate cancellation with the click of a mouse or tap on a smartphone.

What Are The Pros Of Reloadable Debit Cards?

Reloadable debit cards can be monitored 24 hours a day with receipts being automatically uploaded at the time of purchase. The cards improve security by eliminating the need for cash while making expense reporting and reconciliation a thing of the past. The ease of setting budget caps, purchasing boundaries and time limits allows uncomplicated control and monitoring of employee spending.

How Do Reloadable Debit Cards Work?

The employer loads the card with funds, decides on the allowable purchase categories and the length of the time the card will remain activated. The employer uses the employee’s name and email address to activate the card. Upon use, the purchase receipt is automatically uploaded allowing the employer to see when, where and how much was spent. If the card needs to be reloaded or cancelled, this can be done instantaneously by the employer.

Emburse Reloadable Debit Cards

Emburse’s reloadable debit cards make employee purchases simple and secure while allowing the employer to control and monitor expenses. Feel free to contact Emburse to receive a demonstration of our reloadable debit cards.

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