The American workforce has seen some very significant changes over the past several decades. In 2015, a report released by the US Government Accountability Office mentioned a statistic that surprised many - 40.2% of the current workforce is made up of contingent workers. This statistic refers to those that are not employed by what has traditionally been considered permanent, secure positions.

The report classified which groups of employees were defined as being contingent workers and that their definition of contingent workers were those that had what they considered to be alternative work arrangements.

The 40.2% statistic broke down into the following categories of employees:

  • On-Call Workers 3.5%
  • Agency Temps 1.3%
  • Contract Company Workers 3.0%
  • Independent Contractors 12.9%
  • Self Employed Workers 3.3%
  • Standard Part Time Workers 16.2%

Dubbed the ‘gig economy’, the benefit to businesses is substantial as independent contractors relieve an organization of having to process payroll deductions, pay benefit premiums, severance or provide notice periods. From a worker's perspective, many enjoy the flexibility and tax benefits that being classified as self-employed brings. In most instances, the job description and actual duties of the role remain unchanged.

One challenge, however, many organizations may face when using independent contractors is the reconciliation of expenses and the additional administrative resources required to manage the collection and payment of receipts and approved deductions.

The Solution: Reloadable Debit Cards for Employees

With Emburse, our reloadable debit cards for employees easily let budgets and funds be immediately allocated to independent contractors, work just like a regular credit card and can be used to make purchases online, over the phone or anywhere else that Mastercard is accepted. Our easy issuance process lets businesses order a card for each contractor by just providing their name and email address to enable pre-approved spending. Our intuitive platform allows business managers to monitor spending in real-time, categorized by contractor, expense policy, and budget category. All cards can be activated, unactivated as well as terminated with a single click.

If your business is ready to simplify its fund's disbursement processes and would like to see how the Emburse reloadable debit cards for employees can provide an ideal solution, connect with us to request a demo. We will be happy to introduce our simplified solution which can support your organization and reduce administrative expenses and headaches.

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