For many small businesses, it is common practice to have a few business expense cards that are passed around and shared for when someone needs to make a purchase. Doing so however, loses all accountability of who spent what. It may not matter too much when companies are only 5-10 employees, but we’ve seen bookkeepers have to spend hours and pester employees to trace down receipts for months old large ticket transactions for a company audit.

At the same time, it also may not make sense to issue everyone business expense cards so early or pay for everyone to use something like Expensify / Concur, especially when employees only have occasional spending.

Manage Purchase Requests

We at Emburse humbly suggest using our cards with built in Purchase Requests as an alternative to standard credit cards for employees. Purchase requests allow companies to gives employees business debit card access without actually having to worry about any unapproved spending. Each employee can be given access to an Emburse account can request a temporary spending budget on a new or existing card (both virtual and physical). Only upon admin approval are funds loaded onto the employee’s new expense card.

Purchase requests can also be used in place of having your vendors full credit card access. Rather than have vendor credit cards, you can instead have vendors request the ability to charge the invoice amount at the end/beginning of the month. In this way, you have full control of when funds leave your account.

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