Fleet Cards for Fuel and Gas Expenses

Distribute fuel and gas cards with set spending restrictions to drivers for simplified fleet management.

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  • Set spending limits
  • Set category & time restrictions
  • Monitor transactions in real time
  • Transfer funds instaneously
  • Easily capture receipts

Emburse Cards

  • Issue virtual or physical cards
  • Cards are instantaneously reloadable
  • May be issued using just a name and email


Control Spending

Limit drivers and other employees to gas purchases only or include other categories such as food and hotels. Easily modify categories on desktop or mobile.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor employee transactions in real time 24/7. Create a card for each employee and automate collection of receipts for better bookkeeping. Grant oversight of expenses to business administrators.

Transfer Funds Instantly

Allow employees to request funds for purchases. Approve and transfer money in seconds and avoid unnecessary delays on the road. You’ll never have to deal with employee reimbursement again.

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