Prepaid expense cards are dedicated credit / debit cards for employees to spend on work related expenses. These can include transportation, meals, conference tickets, office supplies etc. It is important with expense transactions to accurately record the nature of the expense as well as retain a receipt for transactions, particularly for those over $75. IRS allows these expenses to be deducted for tax purposes provided the sufficient documentation exists. For more info, check out the IRS link.

Emburse encourages companies to have an expense system directly tied in with their cards to allow for immediate reconciliation of receipts and transaction categories. Here, Emburse has a distinct advantage: because we issue our own expense cards, we know the exact second when transactions happen, meaning we can ping our users immediately afterwards if a receipt is required. Emburse users are able to fully reconcile their purchases while still standing in line or on a checkout page, before they’ve even had a chance to throw out a receipt.

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