What does Emburse's prepaid card API do?

Emburse’s prepaid card API allows companies to create and control a mix of virtual / physical cards in large quantities. Using our API, clients can adjust card status, budgets, assignees, and other transaction restrictions in real time. Our card API also supports to-the-second status updates of all transactions and the ability to download all transaction data. Cards can be recurring or one time use.

One-off Use Cards

Using one time or one-off use cards for vendor payments eliminates potential over and unauthorized charges to your account. Our API for prepaid cards allows you to set specific dollar and time parameters without exposing any sensitive banking information to outside vendors.

An example use case:

On-demand delivery company who wants to have its hundreds of drivers to each have a card in hand for orders. Emburse’s API allows the company to toggle the cards on only after an order for a specific dollar amount.


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