Petty Cash Cards

Reduce Risk with cards instead of cash

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What Are Petty Cash Cards?

Reloadable petty cash cards serve the same purpose as petty cash without all the risks. Many businesses rely on a petty cash fund to fulfill employee expenses. Using cash for business purchases is not only inconvenient but also carries the risk of loss, theft and fraud. Emburse’s alternative prepaid cards allow budget managers to set spending limits and monitor employee expenses in real time. Cards can be easily disabled in case of loss or theft.

Emburse Petty Cash Cards

  • Set spending limits
  • Set category & time restrictions
  • Transfer money instantly
  • Turn cards on/off with just one click
  • Assign cards using only name and email

Better Than Petty Cash Funds

  • No more cash slips and logs
  • No risks of theft or loss
  • No more overspending
  • No reimbursements or replenishments
  • No paperwork

Control Petty Cash

Assign virtual or physical petty cash cards to employees or contractors to enable pre-approved spending. Set spending and time limits and monitor expenses in real time.

Enforce Team Budgets

Use a separate petty cash card for all transactions belonging to each team, client, or expense category to enforce budgets and simplify the organization of card transactions.

Simplify Bookkeeping

Invite an accountant to organize card transactions and manage purchase pre-approval. Add custom tags and card descriptions to enable automatic transaction categorization.

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