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Using a single card for marketing spend can be a logistical nightmare

Traditional corporate cards can be to lost or stolen; a compromised card requires you to spend valuable time ordering new ones and updating payment methods with all of your vendors.

How Emburse can help

Emburse lets your marketing team instantly request and use virtual cards to pay for online ads, removing the need to pass around a corporate card while ensuring accurate reconciliation.

Virtual cards
Virtual cards can be issued within seconds and immediately used; cards can be assigned to specific websites/platforms/clients and instantly deactivated if compromised.
Automatic deactivation
Cards can be set to automatically self-suspend after a certain date, ensuring that card usage ends when your campaign does.
Automated transaction reconciliation
Transactions immediately appear in Emburse, and can be reviewed and exported to your accounting software directly from the web app.
Purchase requests
Your employees can instantly request a new virtual card or budgetary increase when they need to make a larger-than-expected purchase, and requests can be approved or denied with one click
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