As a new business owner you may not have enough financial transactions under your belt to have built any sort of credit rating. However, having access to funds is still an important part of remaining in business. Reloadable debit cards are an alternative for businesses who don’t have a lengthy financial history or have a poor credit rating. The cards can be used for purchases while allowing your business time to build a credit rating to gain access to loans and credit cards.

How Can A Reloadable Debit Card Help?

Debit cards are the perfect solution for people or businesses with non-existent or poor credit ratings. Unlike credit cards, approval for a reloadable debit card is not dependent on a credit history nor does it affect your credit rating upon application. Reloadable debit cards provided by Emburse can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted giving your business purchasing flexibility regardless of credit history.

How Does A Reloadable Debit Card Work?

Emburse debit cards are linked to your business bank account via an intermediary account with Emburse. Using a desktop computer or smartphone you can set each individual card’s purchase categories, spending limits and time restrictions. Cards do not need to be funded individually, but draw from your Emburse account as they are used. As opposed to credit cards, there are no credit checks, interest charges or late fees. The credit rating of your business or the people the cards are issued to play no role in a card’s use. There are also no fees associated with ordering physical cards.

How Secure Are Reloadable Debit Cards?

To issue a card, all that’s needed is the user’s name, email address and an optional phone number. There is no need for sensitive information like home addresses, bank accounts or Social Security numbers. Cards can be immediately cancelled with the click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone. Spending limits and merchant categories can also be changed instantaneously.

Get Started With Emburse

Emburse reloadable debit cards are easy to issue to employees and others who need to make purchases on behalf of your business without having to deal with credit checks or sensitive personal information. Contact Emburse to receive a demonstration and start your free one month trial today.

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