You know that feeling when you’re standing at the checkout, the cashier rings your 60 items up, you reach for your wallet and nothing’s there? All that wasted time making a trip to the store and picking up everything on that long grocery list. Hopefully you just left your wallet at home.

But…Did you know every single Whole Foods accepts Apple and Google Pay? Instead of leaving everything at the store, you can whip out your phone and bring up your virtual credit card on your phone. Once you tap the register, you’re good to go. You may not be able to drive home on a clean conscience now because you left your driver’s license in that wallet, but at least you have all your groceries.

Emburse now supports both Apple Pay and Google Pay.


  • Simpler payments – No need to pull out your wallet.
  • No extra fees – simple enough.
  • Secure – Less likelihood of your card number being stolen because the card is stored on your phone. Emburse also allows for instant deactivation of cards through our app.
  • Greater privacy – Apple doesn’t use the credit card number but a “token” called a device account number to process transactions. No fear of data breaches now!

Use Cases

Some of our clients have already started using our virtual wallet features:

  • On demand delivery – Sending a virtual card eliminates onboarding wait times for new drivers and is logistically much simpler.
  • Online / mobile - Eases checkout friction within apps and ecommerce websites
  • Copay subsidies – Subsidies can now be completed in person using virtual cards through the virtual wallet.
See it for yourself

Try our fully functioning demo account and see if Emburse is the right fit for you.