It can seem like in a blink of an eye, summer has disappeared, Labor Day is gone and families are in back to school mode. Although businesses don’t stop and rest for a summer vacation, many employees have taken vacation or vendor projects may have slowed to accommodate workers schedules and holidays.

September signals somewhat of a new start and getting back to the grind. Long weekends and picnics are over but it is also a great time to celebrate your employees and revive everyone's focus for the next several months ahead.

Here are a few ideas for how to appreciate your employees, contractors and vendors contributions and get refreshed to tackle business items this fall.

A Simple Thank You

A few thoughtful words and a handwritten note can go a long way in making your employees and vendors feel appreciated. Recognition aside, you can also include some business announcements or details about a recently completed project with a vendor. Knowledge and sharing help to keep everyone engaged and included.

Host a Business Budget Lunch

A great way to welcome employees back from vacation and get caught up on items such as the business budget or upcoming initiatives is to host a casual lunch and learn. Bring in some catering or even have a potluck and after employees have had some time to socialize, a casual meeting can proceed with highlighting fiscal performance, business budget updates and introducing any new vendors or partners that will be coming on board in the fall.

No matter what time of year it is anytime is a good time to take a moment and thank employees for their hard work and contributions. Although an end of season bonus may not be feasible, consider maybe having a draw or a raffle for some giveaways or offer a prepaid debit card to the department that has saved the most on their business budget in the last quarter so that they can treat themselves to coffee and muffins one morning.

From the team at Emburse, we hope your business had a wonderful summer and we look forward to sharing helpful budgeting and cost controlling tips throughout this fall.

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