If you’re looking to update your expense management system to include credit cards, consider this list of the key features of the best small business credit card 2018.

  • Cash Back Rewards - Generate revenue by paying your bills.  The more you use your small business credit cards, the more cash back you receive.
  • 30 Day Invoicing Options - Rather than having to pay for your purchases on the spot, use a 30 day invoicing option to allow your business an interest free grace period.
  • Individual Budget Restrictions - No matter how many cards you need to distribute amongst your employees, you have the flexibility to set a unique budget restriction on each card.
  • Time Restrictions - If you’re issuing cards for time sensitive projects, simply set a time restriction and the cards will cease to function after the specified period.
  • Category Restrictions - By creating purchase category restrictions you can be assured your credit cards are used only for what you intended.
  • Real Time Expense Tracking - Access up-to-the-moment information about the company’s expenses with the ability to track expenditures in real time.
  • Receipt Capture - Eliminate the need for employees to hold onto paper receipts with an app that allows a phone camera to capture and submit receipts.
  • Share Team Budgets Across Cards - Keep an eye on a project’s total expenses by tying all the associated cards into a single team budget.
  • Virtual Cards - Use virtual cards to electronically issue a single-use credit card number to make a payment to a specific vendor.  Similar to a check but without the hassle.
  • API - An Application Programming Interface allows the ability to create a single payment file to accommodate payments of all types to a variety of receivers.

The Emburse Expense Management System

Emburse is pleased to announce it now offers credit cards with varying settlement and invoicing options through a partnership with Comdata, a leading commercial card issuer.  All the real time budget controls and expense enforcement of the Emburse platform work on top of a full credit offering creating the best small business credit card 2018.

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