Credit Cards That Work With Your Expense Solutions

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With direct integrations into each Emburse Expense platform, Emburse Cards gives you the ability to issue your own credit cards with spending rules, giving you a full end-to-end expense solution. By giving each employee a card, users no longer need to incur their own out-of-pocket expenses and wait to be reimbursed.

Reduce Reconciliation

Immediately after a purchase is made, a notification is sent to the employee to add a receipt and complete the expense. All transaction information is automatically tagged to the corresponding expense.

Enforceable Rules

Automate rules for where, when and how much an employee can spend and prevent purchases that do not meet the policy.

Real Time Insights

Unlike other expense management software, admins will be able to see a transaction’s pending status in real-time, even before it fully posts.

Fraud Protection

Admins will get a notification in real-time if something doesn’t look right. Charges can be disputed directly on the transactions report without having to call support.

Direct Accounting Sync

Sync transactions to select ERP systems, automatically (Quickbooks, Xero, Intacct and Netsuite).

Cash Back

Impact the bottom line each time a card is used. Receive a percentage of cash back based on eligible transaction volume.

Case Study


Suiteness was having problems tracking people down to reconcile expenses at the end of every month. When Suitness started using Emburse Cards, each employee was issued a credit card with spending limitations. Each transaction was automatically tagged to the cardholder’s profile, reducing the reconciliation process and helping Suitness save over 1480 hours a year.

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Our Solution Integrations

Each one of our integrations gives you access to our card issuing platform. We have tailored our feature sets to each solution to better meet your needs.

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