Gas Cards: What Are They?

Gas cards allow the user to fill up their vehicle with fuel without having to pay out of pocket. Issued by an employer to their employees, gas cards are loaded with funds allowing the employee to refill their tank without having to first seek permission, use cash or seek later reimbursement. The employer is able to add funds to the card, monitor transactions or cancel a card instantaneously.

What Are The Benefits Of Gas Cards?

Gas cards allow the employer to remain in control of its budget while giving the employee the ability to carry on with their workday without worrying about fuel expenses. The employer benefits with ease of card issuance and cancellation, automatic receipt collection and a level of security not found with cash. The employee benefits with the ability to refuel when needed and freedom from expense reimbursement forms or using personal funds.

Gas Cards Versus Company Credit Cards

Gas cards are much more secure than company credit cards since they can only be used for fuel as opposed to credit cards which may be used for an unlimited variety of purchases. Gas card purchases are easily monitored 24 hours a day with receipts automatically and instantly collected. On the other hand, credit card statements are issued once a month allowing unauthorized purchases to remain undetected for weeks at a time.

Emburse Gas Cards

Emburse gas cards are a secure, flexible way to allow your employees to concentrate on their job without having to worry about expenses, paperwork and cash. Get in touch to schedule a demonstration with Emburse today.

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