More often than not, many accounting software solutions have similar features and standard modules which include ledger management, payment processing and invoicing. Aside from these key features, there should be several other aspects that are considered in order to find the best bookkeeping software for your business. Three of the best features that will save you time and money are:

  • Ease of Use
  • Security
  • Compatibility & Integration

Two of the top bookkeeping software programs that are the most popular in 2017 have these features and much more. Whether a large business, start-up or independent freelancer, these two solutions are relatively inexpensive and will handle all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs.


Is a well-balanced software that won the Supreme Software award for 2016. Main features are its scalability and time tracking and expense management options. Freshbooks has reliable API and tax management add ons in addition to their standard invoicing, payment processing and reporting features.

For convenience, Freshbooks has a mobile app which can be accessed anytime or anywhere on Android or iPhone devices. Something else worth mentioning is their superior customer support with multiple resources including phone support, video libraries, and online knowledge bases.

Quickbooks Online

Is one of the most popular accounting software programs that particularly caters well to the needs of small to medium sized businesses. Known for its intuitive interface and scalable features, Quickbooks Online is currently the bookkeeping software of choice for over 2 million users.

The program is powerful, compact and visually attractive that is user-friendly enough for beginners as well as experienced business managers and accountants. Quickbooks Online comes with trade, profit & loss sheets, invoicing and billing solutions in addition to over 40 reports including Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheets, and Profit & Loss Statements.

The only downside is the software does not have full support.

When using Emburse corporate purchasing cards for your business, our powerful reporting features can integrate directly into your bookkeeping software solution. This makes it even easier to control expenses and monitor employee spending.

If you would like to learn more about how Emburse can integrate with your bookkeeping software, contact a member of our team today for a demo.

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