3ds - Verified by Visa

Cardholder Authentication to Protect and Secure Your Purchases

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What is 3DS / Verified by Visa?

3DS (3D Secured), also known as “Verified by Visa” is an additional layer of security to ensure the payments are made by the rightful owner of a credit card. Through our partnership with Stripe, we are able to offer 3DS to all of our clients on our Visa card.

How does 3DS work?

When a purchase is made, if there is any doubt, such as a new device, an unusually large purchase, or a foreign transaction, Visa may ask you to provide more information to confirm the purchase.

For example, Visa may ask you for text message verification or for biometric/Face ID through a mobile app. Once the purchaser is verified, the purchase will go through.

Emburse now supports 3DS

All of our Visa card now have 3DS verification so as a controller or admin of the account, you can have the peace of mind your cards are being used by the right people.

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