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Emburse Features

All the features you want in an expense management platform. Easy to set up and customize, Emburse gives you full control over your business and employee expenses.

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Instant signup

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Signup takes a couple minutes. Get approved and up in running in a business day.

Get approved within minutes. Simply provide information about your company and link your business bank account. There are no credit checks, personal guarantees or security deposits needed.

Virtual and physical cards

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Emburse gives you the ability to issue an unlimited amount of physical and virtual credit cards.

Once approved, you'll have immediate access to create credit cards. It takes less than 10 seconds to make a card.

  • Virtual cards are perfect for online subscriptions and transactions. Our clients use virtual cards for the following use cases.
  • Your physical card can be used anywhere Visa and Mastercard are accepted. The card will be shipped within 3-5 business days.
  • Restrictions such as the budget, date, time of use, and merchant can be enforced.

Cards can be shared via email or weblink.

Accounting Integrations

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Accounting integrations include Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite and Intacct make reporting simple.

With easy integrations with all major accounting platforms, Emburse makes reporting and expense reconciliation easy. Data transfer can be set up with a click of a button:

Our integrations:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Netsuite
  • Intacct

Mobile Receipt capture

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Made a purchase? You'll get an immediate text with a link that turns on your camera to take a picture of the receipt.

The worst part of expense reporting is collecting the receipts. We simplify this process:

  1. Once you make a transaction over a specified amount, Emburse will instantly send you a text to your phone.
  2. Tap the link in the text and your camera will open automatically.
  3. Snap a picture of the receipt and it will get linked to the transaction.

We also now have Gmail receipt capture. Gmail will automatically search your email to find receipts and tag them to the corresponding expense.

single sign-on (Okta)

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Easily add, track and remove members from your Emburse account with our SSO integration with Okta.

Employees now have access to single sign-on, making it easier for employees to track expenses. All employee accounts now sync with your database so if an employee leaves, they'll be automatically removed from the Emburse account. Same goes for if a new employee is added.

Emburse is the only one to implement this feature out of its competitors.

Split billing

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Emburse allows accountants to split expenses into multiple transactions which a different cost category.

If you have an expense that falls under multiple budgets or GL Codes, you can split the expense up into multiple line items and separately categorize each one.

In conjunction with our new "Deductions" feature, you can split up a transaction and have the employee reimburse the company.

Emburse is the only one to implement this feature out of its competitors.

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NO FX fees

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Spend overseas without worry. No fees whether you're spending in Europe, Asia, Antarctica...

Emburse uses the market exchange rate when you spend overseas. Don't worry about calculating the expense amount into US dominated dollars, Emburse will do it for you automatically.

Cash back

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Receive cash back based on your transaction volume on a monthly basis.

Depending on how much you spend in transaction volume, Emburse will offer your company cash back that will be credited to you at the end of every month.

Role based permissions

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With restricted and admin level views, you have the ability to set roles for your employees.

Emburse allows you to give different employees access to different features.

  1. Admin: Issue new cards, set the expense policy and view all transactions.
  2. Reviewer: View all cards and transactions as well as approve of purchase requests.
  3. Accountant: View all cards and export transaction data for reporting.
  4. Employee: View own cards and personal transactions.
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Preapproved purchases

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Employee running low on their limit? They can request additional funds that go instantly to the manager for approval.

Employee running low on their budget/limit? They can instantly request a budget increase from their manager that gets sent for approval. Once the manager approves of the increase, the funds are immediately available.

Emburse is the only one to implement this feature out of its competitors.

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Expense categorizations

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Emburse helps automatically categorize recurring transactions and can detect the type of merchant.

If you make a recurring purchase and categorize it, the next time around, Emburse will automatically categorize the same purchase with the corresponding GL code.

Expense Policy

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Set restrictions such as time, date, place, merchant, and budgets to control spending.

Control your employee expenses by restrictions on:

  • Time & Date
  • Merchant categories
  • Limit/budget
  • Receipt capture limit

Purchases will automatically be declined if an employee attempts to circumvent these restrictions.

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Fraud protection

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With an incredible real time fraud detection engine, we'll let you know if something doesn't look right.

We have a fraud detection engine that will automatically decline fraudulent purchases. We offer FDIC as well as a personal guarantee against fraudulent purchases. Stolen or lost cards can be instantly deactivated.

Branded cards

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We can deliver your cards with your own customizable design, face, and logo.

We offer personalized and branded cards with a high level of customization.

New Features:


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Emburse can recognize when a transaction is out-of-policy and gives the employee the option to pay back/reimburse the amount from their personal funds.

Emburse deductions can automatically detect when a person has spent over their expense policy limit. The employee can then pay back/reimburse the company through their bank account or a personal credit card.

Employees can also mark accidental out of policy expenses in their transactions. For example, if someone pulled out their corporate card to buy a xbox, the employee could reimburse the company directly through the Emburse app.

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Apple/Android Pay

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Emburse allows you to add a virtual card or plastic credit card to your mobile wallet.

You now have the ability to add credit cards to your mobile phone.

Use case:

  • On demand delivery – Sending a virtual card eliminates onboarding wait times for new drivers and is logistically much simpler.
  • Online / mobile - Eases checkout friction within apps and ecommerce websites
  • Copay subsidies – Subsidies can now be completed in person using virtual cards through the virtual wallet.
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Overdue Task Enforcement

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For tasks that aren’t completed, restrict or disable spending until the task is done.

Admins can restrict spending for certain tasks like out-of-policy expenses, receipt requirements, and categorization requirements.

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3DS by Visa

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Additional fraud protection and security layer to verify the right person for each transaction.

3DS (3D Secured), also known as “Verified by Visa” is an additional layer of security to ensure the payments are made by the rightful owner of a credit card. Through our partnership with Stripe, we are able to offer 3DS to all of our clients on our Visa card.

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