Expense Policy

Set different rules to control spend

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What's the purpose of having an expense policy?

A company’s T&E management is considered the second most difficult operating cost to control. Emburse gives you the ability to add additional rules for transparency and guidance.

What expense policies does Emburse cover?

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Receipt Requirement

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Require a receipt for purchases over a certain amount.

You can add multiple rules for receipt requirement.

Spending Rules

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Set restrictions based on time, day, and merchants categories.

Purchase Requests

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Automatically approve of fund requests for amounts under a specified budget.

You can automatically approve of purchase/funding requests if the request meets your rules.

Expense Auditing

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Automatically notify a reviewer to check expenses over a certain amount

Set rules to let reviewers know when to check expenses.

Categorization Requirements

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Have employees categorize any expenses over a specified limit.

Have employees categorize different transactions at different spend thresholds.

Flexible Spending Limit

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Employees are able to exceed their spending rules but will have to pay out of policy expenses.

Allow employees to exceed spending rules.

New Feature:

Overdue Tasks

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Emburse allows you to restrict spending if employees don’t upload receipts or reimburse out-of-policy expenses.

Add certain monetary restrictions when tasks aren’t completed. (Ie. Receipt capture and company out-of-policy expenses)

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