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What are meal cards?

Meal cards are restricted use cards that can be issued to employees to use towards food purchases. Meal cards give the employee freedom of choice and even let them order delivery from sites like DoorDash or Uber-Eats.


Say you want to give your employee, Jane, $15 for lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You can set the restrictions through the app and in a few business days, Jane receives her card in the mail with your rules already applied. She can now easily go to her favorite restaurant or order delivery.

Time and Date Restrictions
Emburse gives employers the ability to choose which times a meal card can be used and on what days. If it’s just for lunch, then the times between 11 AM to 1 PM, Monday through Friday can be selected and enforced.
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Location Based Restrictions
You may have different offices or remote employes. Our platform lets you choose where an employee can spend their credit cards.
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Card groups
Create templates for different offices, departments, or remote workers. This allows you to dynamically manage the cards of your entire workforce and makes the ordering process simple.
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Flexible Spending
What if an employee goes a couple of dollars over their budget? If you enable flexible spending, employees can connect their personal bank accounts to cover the difference.
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Give your employees the freedom of choice instead of over-ordering food for catering. See an immediate change in company culture and hundreds of hours in time savings. Find out how one of our clients, Shopkick, implemented Emburse virtual and physical cards and the results they’ve seen.

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