Emburse.com makes it super simple for users to instantly create virtual and physical spending cards with set budgets and spending restrictions. Our updated API now makes it easy to do so for cards by the thousands. Rather than storing user cards, using tokenization and one time use virtual cards protects our clients from PCI compliance issues.

Some usecases from early API clients:

Travel booking sites

Emburse can be easily hooked up with a fax or pdf service to send restricted virtual card numbers to hotels and airlines. Emburse cards are accepted globally everywhere Mastercard is. We’ll help with any airlines that require credit card authorization forms at check-in as well.

Ads and social media management

Emburse’s API is perfect for managing spending across Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for hundreds of clients at once. Each card can have a separate budget that can be adjusted at-will instantly.

General vendor payments

Using one time use cards for vendor payments eliminates potential over- and unauthorized charges to your account. Our API allows you to set specific dollar and time parameters without exposing any sensitive banking information to outside vendors. Although not quite an AmEx Black Card, our cards can handle transactions in the tens of thousands.

Incentive cards

Systematically reward your employees for a job well done. Our flexible platform can issue both virtual and/or physical cards. Rather than restricted to only a handful of merchants, Emburse’s cards are acceptable everywhere Mastercard is globally, giving your employees added freedom. Since Emburse does not put funds onto cards before a transaction, there’s never any “unspent funds,” meaning no “recuperation fees” or “breakage fees.” Money only leaves your Emburse account when someone swipes a card.

Other use cases we’ve seen include drop shipping, on demand delivery, and fleet card management. If you’re interest to learn more, shoot us an email at support@emburse.com.

See it for yourself

Try our fully functioning demo account and see if Emburse is the right fit for you.