Our new Purchase Request feature now makes it super simple to request (additional) funds on Emburse cards. Under your physical or virtual card, select “Purchase Request,” then enter in an amount and add an explanation for your company’s account administrator. They’ll be notified immediately and if approved, the funds will be usable immediately. Balances will reset to the standard amount at the end of the week / month. Purchase requests are great for employees with infrequent or occasional spend on online purchases like like flights, hotels, and software.

Purchase requests allow for two unique usecases with Emburse.

  1. Admins can now assign lower budgets to cards for better control / lower risks while still allowing for a near seamless user flow when occasional large ticket items (e.g. flights or major software purchases) are needed. This reduces the potential for unauthorized spending. Even with Mastercard’s liability protection, nobody likes doing chargebacks.
  2. You can now add every member of your organization to Emburse without assigning them a card, only allowing spending for approved purchases. For admins who fine tuned control of their expenses, this is the perfect option.

See it for yourself

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