Charge employees for out-of-policy expenses or personal expenses

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Introducing Emburse’s New Feature - Deductions

Emburse can recognize when a transaction is out-of-policy and give the employee the option to pay back/reimburse the amount from their personal funds.

Example - Lunch Policy

Acme Co has a lunch policy of $10. Chris has spent $20. Emburse will automatically split this transaction into two and mark the difference as an out-of-policy expense. $10 has now become an out-of-policy expense. Chris now has the ability to pay back the amount so that the company gets the money back.

Example - Accidental Personal Expense

Chris accidentally made purchase on Amazon. Because he is a man of high integrity, he marks the transaction as an out-of-policy expense and reimburses it to the company.

Introducing Emburse’s New Feature - Deductions

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Additional Features
  • Flexible Spending: Allowing employee to go over limit and pay the difference.
  • Admins have the ability to Resolve or Forgive an out-of-policy transaction.
  • Employees with out-of-policy transactions will be reminded to reimburse the company.
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