According to a 2015 research study by Mantra, 80.5% of American small business owners use their mobile devices for business at least one time per day. The study showed that 11% used between three and five times daily, 17.3% close to ten times per day and the largest group of 25.3% reported to using hourly.

Today most small business tasks can be supported entirely on mobile. Intelligent apps have been developed that can assist with almost everything from note taking, organizational tools and being able to control costs and manage expenses in real time. Mobile financial management continues to be on the rise and it is estimated that today 24% of small business owners use mobile banking apps and 14% accept mobile payments from clients.

Managing Business Expenses on Mobile

Today, many accounting and financial management software are available online with an app or cloud-based version. At Emburse, our platform integrates with many major accounting software programs, empowering mobile access to manage prepaid corporate debit card spending and organizational fund allocation on the go. Our solution also requires that employees need to automatically take snapshots and scan their purchase receipts to be categorized into expense policies or transaction categories.

We understand that business owners need to may need to quickly assign a prepaid corporate debit card to an employee while they are away from their desk. Our simple platform will enable a business owner or manager to simply submit the information with an employee name and email to instantly allocate funds for a purchase.

Instant Funds

Another benefit with Emburse prepaid corporate debit cards is that the funds do not need to be immediately in an account and transferred. Our system is directly linked to your assigned corporate banking account that will transfer funds from a pool allocated to Emburse to replenish and preload cards instantly.

If you are a small business owner that is often off site and working via mobile, connect with our team to view a demo of how Emburse can help simplify mobile expense management. With access at your fingertips to assigning corporate debit cards, monitoring transactions and managing expenses, mobile business have never been easier. 

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