Copay Assistance

Issue credit cards to cover healthcare costs

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What is Copay Assistance?

Instead of going through a complicated reimbursement system using wires/checks/etc, issue a virtual card with the exact amount of payment necessary to cover their financial obligation.

Copay Assistance Features

Set budgets and limits

Set time-category restrictions

Transfer funds instantly

Capture receipts automatically

Enable and disable cards with just one click

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Case Study:

Non Profit Company

When a patient in need can't afford their prescription drugs, Acme Co checks their eligibility and then issues a prepaid credit card to the patient. The credit card is restricted by merchants such as CVS or Walgreens and also has the exact amount of money on the card to meet the financial obligation for the drug. This prevents spending on other products and holds the patient accountable. Acme Co is also able to view the transactions in real time.

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