Business Prepaid Debit Card | Fuel Cards to Better Manage Expenses

Do your employees pay cash for their gas and submit receipts to be reimbursed? While cash can be an easy way to pay, it can be difficult for employees to keep track of their receipts and can be frustrating for managers to not have visibility into how much an employee has spent on monthly fuel charges until well after the fact.

Going cash free and moving to a business prepaid debit card model is easier than you think. With Emburse, clients can order a fuel card for each employee using just a name and email address to enable pre-approved spending. Spending on cards may be restricted using:

● Time restrictions

● Budget

● Merchant requirements

Cash Free Convenience

Business prepaid debit cards for fuel provide optimal convenience for cash-free purchasing. These function just like a regular credit card at the gas pump and provides a real-time record of exactly where fuel was purchased and how much was spent. Our user-friendly dashboard not only keeps track of where funds were spent but also provides a detailed look at which employees are using the most gas, buying premium gas and overall purchasing trends.

Even better, business prepaid debit cards can be used not just on fuel, but on any expense that you approve for a particular card and employee. These offer a convenient way of managing employee travel expenses as funds can be approved for hotels and meals and loaded onto the card in advance. With Emburse, employees do not have to worry about undergoing a credit check and businesses do not need to worry about unexpected or unauthorized charges being racked up.

If you would like to schedule a demo and see how Emburse can help your organization manage fuel expenses better, contact us today. With Emburse, you can provide employees the buying power they need while keeping your peace of mind that expenses are being controlled.

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