Not all employees should have access to your organization’s credit line

To limit unapproved spending, many organizations have adopted the approach of limiting corporate cards to just department managers. Unfortunately, this frequently results in the card information being shared via email or instant messaging insecurely. As a result, the business has lost accountability for who spent what.

Emburse allows all employees to have access to a virtual or business prepaid debit card that provides complete accountability. These cards have a limited spending budget and provide live data of all transactions. Emburse even provides a purchase order flow for employees that do not require a physical card but need to occasionally spend securely. The employee can request to purchase an item from a merchant for the specific dollar amount and once approved by a manager, Emburse will assign a virtual card that can only be used with that merchant for the approved amount.

Create and cancel cards with a single click

Traditional corporate credit cards need to be ordered ahead of time and assigned to a specific individual. Emburse enables your organization to have a mix of both virtual and physical business prepaid debit cards that can immediately be assigned to employees, teams, events or project. This not only provides convenience but also complete visibility to how much is being spent on what. By treating cards as folders for transactions, Emburse allows clients to add collaborators to cards while still retaining complete accountability of who spent what through using associated ghost cards. These are grouped to the same budget but have a different 16 digit card number and are incredibly convenient for distributed team spending towards single items such as a holiday party or corporate event.

Built in expense features

There are several advantages to tying card issuance and expense reconciliation software together. The first advantage is knowing when transactions occur in real time, meaning that we can ping users just 1 second after their transaction to snap a picture of the receipt and categorize the purchase. This feature substantially increases the rate of proper reconciliation! Secondly, we pre-tag cards by expense line items, projects, locations and more which removes much of the manual work of having to reconcile individual transactions at a later date.


Not a credit card

We operate by using a hybrid business prepaid debit card model. Emburse doesn’t like calling itself a pure prepaid product since no cash value sits on the cards, but instead on a separate insured FDIC bank account. We provide instant cash via transfers from our client's primary business checking account. If you know a bank willing to issue Emburse credit cards, please send us an email!

Lack of rewards

Since the interchange rate for debit cards are on average 1% lower than corporate credit cards, the economics do not support reward or point programs. Our other features have more than made up for this.

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