The 4th of July is just around the corner and many small business owners may host an event or team get together to kick off celebrations the day before. It is a great opportunity to thank the people that choose to work for your organization and get in the spirit for Independence Day. Hosting a team building event can take a lot of planning, needs proper resource allocation and a budget that will not break the bank. Here are several tips to ensure a successful 4th of July pre-celebration on a tight budget.

Always Budget First

Before planning any details for your event, make sure that you have established a budget and stick to it. Break down groups of cost categories such as entertainment, decorations, and catering. Budget first, plan later is the rule of thumb for keeping costs controlled.

Food and Catering Options

Hosting an event at a venue can be costly as can a fine dining establishment. In the summer months, everyone enjoys being able to spend some additional time outdoors, so consider an outdoor bbq at your business if space allows or at a nearby park. Caterers or food trucks can be brought to your site and the cost is substantially less than a sit-down meal.

Track Using a Corporate Spending Debit Card

In most corporate event situations, multiple people have been assigned various tasks in order to successfully execute the event and each individual has some expenses to handle. By keeping track with a corporate spending debit card, managers can pre-approve purchases and load funds onto the prepaid card. With the Emburse expense management platform, managers can view purchases in real-time and allocate to the proper budget category. Hosting a successful team event is possible on any budget and made easier with Emburse. If you would like more information on how using a corporate spending debit card can help your business better control expenses, contact us today.

From the entire Emburse team, we wish you a happy and safe 4th of July!

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