Emburse Business Credit Cards

A flexible payment method that increases your business cash flow.

Help managers enforce expense rules while minimizing manual paperwork for card users and the accounting department.

Benefits include:

Automatic cash back rewards:

Up to 1% cash back is automatically deposited into your Emburse account at the beginning of each month.

Improved cash flow:

Take advantage of a variety of invoicing options with up to 30 days of interest-free credit.


Merge the credit card program with accounting software systems such as Slack or QuickBooks Online with customizable API integration capabilities.

Employee credit cards:

Separate business and personal spending. Eliminate the need for employees to personally pay for expenses while phasing out time wasting expense reports. Take advantage of mass issuance capabilities or distribute employee cards one at a time.

Virtual and physical credit cards:

In addition to conventional physical cards, take advantage of the mobility and improved online security of virtual credit cards.

Itemized statements:

Receive individual statements for each of the business credit cards along with a summary statement for the entire business.

Purchase category restrictions:

Set restrictions as to what type of purchases are allowed on each card.

Budget restrictions:

Set spending limits on individual cards or across teams and projects.

Time restrictions

Set time limits on a card’s use. Ideal for cards issued to contractors or temporary employees.

Real time expense tracking:

Easily track spending across the entire company and be notified of expenditures as they’re made rather than waiting for a monthly statement.

Receipt capture:

Allow cardholders to upload photos of receipts with their smartphone rather than compiling and submitting paper receipts.

Shared team budgets across cards:

Tie multiple cards to a single team or project to ensure group budgets aren’t compromised.

Flexible payments:

Pay the full balance or any amount above the minimum monthly payment.

Built-in purchase orders and purchase requests:

Eliminate the need for manually matching purchase orders and requests with expenditures.

The Emburse Credit Card Solution

Emburse business credit cards are ideal for both small business and large corporation expense management systems. For more information, schedule a free demo today.

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