Since Emburse has added credit cards to its expense management platform an entire new level of flexibility has been achieved.  With the advent of the virtual corporate credit card, businesses have access to secure transactions that may have been uncertain in the past.  Because virtual credit cards provide the ability to generate a time limited, single use number they are adaptable to a wide variety of uses.  In this post we’ll go over four instances in which using a virtual credit card is ideal.

Transactions Using Public Wifi

Public wifi is inherently insecure.  Without taking extra security precautions it’s possible for anyone using the same network to access sensitive information sent over the system.  Data such as credit card numbers and bank account information are particularly at risk.  By generating a single use virtual credit card number, it’s possible to charge a purchase to your corporate account without any risk of intercepted information being used for illegitimate purposes.

Online Transactions

Similar to using public wifi networks, any online transaction is at risk of exposing your credit card information to people with sinister motives.  Unlike in-person transactions, it’s impossible to know who is collecting your information when purchases are made.  And while most online transactions take place without any trouble whatsoever, there is still a chance your account can be compromised.  A virtual corporate credit card, with its ability to generate single use numbers, eliminates that risk entirely.

Remote Workers

In this day and age it’s very possible to have remote employees all over the world who you may never meet in person.  If you authorize these employees to make purchases on your behalf, issuing a physical credit card will cost both time and money.  With a virtual corporate credit card it’s possible for your remote employee to have instant access to funds without relying on expensive couriers or time consuming snail mail required by physical cards.

Business Travel

When employees are on the road, unexpected expenses can occur at the most inopportune times.  Virtual credit cards can give travelling employees instant access to funds that can get them out of a sticky situation.  At the same time, with administrative controls available at the touch of a button, an employer can rest assured the card is being used appropriately.

The Emburse Virtual Corporate Credit Card

Emburse’s expense management system now supports virtual, as well as physical corporate credit cards.  To find out how these options can simplify your expense management, contact Emburse for a free demo today.

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